Top 10 Reasons You Need a New Training Provider

Posted by The My Food and Bev Training Team on 8/28/19 11:21 AM

We know training is a critical element to business success.  Not only is it often legally mandated, it’s the right thing to do. But you still might have questions. How will switching training providers improve my business? What can another training provider really do for me? Why does it even matter so much? Well, let’s see.

Top 10 Reasons You Need a New Training Provider

  1. You’re uncertain of regulatory requirements in your Food or Alcohol Sales or Service operations.
    An EXPERT training provider will take out all the guess-work and ensure you’re compliant.  If your current provider is leaving it up to you to figure out, they’re not doing their job.
  2. You’re out of compliance with training mandates in your jurisdiction.
    Hey, you’re not alone. It’s incredibly complex to keep up with ever-changing city, county, state, and national mandates. Choose a provider who can keep up with this stuff so you don’t have to! 
  3. One or more of your employees were recently caught selling or serving alcohol to a minor.
    This could be serious, so you have to act quickly and decisively.  Training your people NOW is necessary damage control. Choose a provider who makes training fast, convenient and compliant.
  4. You believe local law enforcement is planning an undercover compliance check.
    An undercover bust is the worst way to find out your staff isn’t trained. Choose a provider who will warn you when it’s time for employees to renew their training.
  5. Your insurance provider is offering a premium discount on your Dram Shop Insurance if all your people are trained.
    Lower your costs and reduce risk while staying compliant? Yes Please.  A quality training provider will have a mission to help you do all of the above.
  6. You want to participate in your state’s responsible vendor program (RVP).
    This is a great way to protect your bottom line, reduce risk and partner with your liquor authority. Make sure your provider is an expert in responsible alcohol sales and service regulations in all the jurisdictions in which you operate.
  7. You performed a self-audit and determined some of your employees are NOT trained.
    Before the authorities catch you out of compliance get a training provider that helps you audit your employees regularly, so you can check that off your list.
  8. Your current training provider’s course(s) are not mobile-compatible, and all your employees want to take the training on their phones or tablets.
    Mobile-compatible software is a MUST these days.  Employees can train on their phones during break, and managers can audit from their tablets. Give the people what they want!
  9. You want to switch to a provider with online training, tracking and reporting to better manage compliance and risk.
    The bygone days of clipboards and filing cabinets are over.  Get out in front of the times by switching to a 21st century training provider who can serve up everything you need for compliance, on-demand at your fingertips.  The future is NOW!
  10. You need help lowering your Total Cost of Training (TCT).
    Lower your TCT by switching to a provider who doesn’t have a customer support line that’s always ringing and never answered (to your satisfaction, anyways). If it’s costing time, it’s costing money. 


If you can identify with ANY of the reasons above, you’re in need of a new training provider.  Partnering with an expert in training regulations, compliance, risk management, and technology will let you stop worrying about those things and focus on your bottom line. Who can argue with that?

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